Happy 5th Birthday to Sylvana! This lovely little Chihuahua was rescued from a terrible hoarding situation. She has been a tough nut to crack, but her therapeutic foster mother, Dr. Katherine Z with the Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE, has been doing some research about taming wild/feral animals. She is looking into how wildlife rescues work with scared rescues, because Sylvana is more like a wild animal than a domestic dog. She is so darn cute…you just want to hug her and kiss her, but watch out….you may get bitten! 

Being a therapeutic foster parent goes way beyond feeding, sheltering and loving. It requires work and commitment on the part of the foster parent to search deep into the dog’s soul for that spark of trust in humans that must be ignited. Then, and only then, can progress occur. Sylvana loves the other dogs in the home, but humans are a different story. Dr. Katherine does not give up, and she recognizes and celebrates even the smallest victories.

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