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Many kind people are animal lovers who are unable to adopt for a variety of reasons.  The HUA Buddy Program allows these folks to provide support for a specific cat or dog that touches their hearts.

For a minimum monthly donation of $10.00, buddies can support from afar until their chosen animal is adopted.  A loving message written by the buddy is posted on the animal’s webpage.  When the animals go to their new homes, we notify their buddies to let them know and to thank them for taking care of the dog or cat during their stay at HUA.

At that time, buddies can choose a new friend to support, or we can deactivate the monthly donation.  This sweet little program became popular quickly, so we made adjustments to ensure that dogs or cats can have more than one buddy at a time.  After all, one can never have too many friends!


Hearts United for Animals is dedicated to the philosophy that all dogs and cats deserve happy healthy lives with people who love them. Some animals find that home with us as Sanctuary Sweethearts. They are animals who are not available for adoption for various reasons that include physical and psychological issues.

The Sanctuary Sweethearts live full, comfortable, happy lives at Hearts United. The Sweetheart Program allows caring humans to sponsor one of the animals living at the shelter. For a monthly donation of $25.00, you can help a Sweetheart with medications, toys, soft beds, warm blankets, veterinary care and a nutritious diet (supplemented, of course, with tasty treats). Your Sweetheart will send you a photo and biography of his/her likes and dislikes, and we will update you on their experiences throughout the year.


In September 2018, Hearts United for Animals developed the Proud Pets Program along with Omaha Girls Scout Troop #44323.  The Girl Scouts, as part of their community service, had identified the need for low cost veterinary care for veterans living in the Victory Apartment Complex.

These veterans were living in low cost housing after having experienced homelessness.  Many had devoted animals who had become best friends, but additional funds for high quality pet food, vaccinations, spay/neuters or surgeries were not available.

HUA created a team of veterinarians who agreed to volunteer their services to the veterans,  we agreed to cover all costs, and the Girls Scouts would provide transportation to and from appointments.  The program was such a success that we expanded into Lincoln, NE.

Your donations help our important veterans keeps their cherished pets happy and healthy, and they are so incredibly grateful for these services.  One less worry for those who are suffering is a powerful venue for healing.


If you would like to include Hearts United for Animals in your will or trust, please use our legal name and federal tax ID:

Hearts United for Animals – ID# 47-0773858

PO BOX 286, Auburn, NE 68305


You can also send the HUA animals a gift from your IRA! It will count as a distribution, not be taxed, and will not even appear on your tax return.  Just check with your accountant and ask your bank to send a check to HUA.  The dogs and kitties will be so very grateful.


Hearts United for Animals welcomes lost, afraid, abused, neglected or unwanted dogs and cats, and provides everything possible to relieve their suffering, restore their health, and mend their broken spirits.  Our dedication to ending puppy mills and our no-kill mission make HUA a safe haven for animals who have nowhere else to go. Thousands of lives have been saved since HUA opened its doors more than three decades ago, and precious animals have found wonderful homes with adopters who provide the best of everything to their beloved pets.  


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