Adopting Your New Pet

Please note:  While we do not have specific qualifications for adoption, we are hesitant to adopt out to people living in an apartment or in a home without a fenced-in yard.  There is always the risk of a failed adoption due to barking in apartments, and we believe that dogs are happiest in homes with fenced-in yards. Dogs should have the freedom to be safe in their own home, and roaming in a backyard gives them plenty of opportunities for fresh air and some good sniffing. There are exceptions to any rules, of course, but we generally stick to these requirements. Thank you for your interest in adoption!

What You Can Expect During the Adoption Process

After you complete your online adoption application, an HUA Adoption Coordinator will contact you within 72 hours.   Note:  if you do not receive notification that your application has been received, please check your email junk/spam folder!

A  veterinary verification is done to ensure that current and past pets received quality veterinary care, including vaccinations, heartworm preventative (for dogs), flea/tick medication, spay/neuter, and any necessary procedures as deemed necessary for the well-being of your pet. 

After vet verification, an Adoption Coordinator will reach out to you in order to schedule a home visit, which is done at a time when all family members can be available.  We perform both in-person and virtual home visits.



Once your adoption application has been approved, we will schedule a time for you and your family, including your current dog(s),  to visit the HUA campus in order to meet your new best friend.  Our hours are from 10am through 2pm every day except on Wednesdays when our low cost spay/neuter clinic is in operation.

A caregiver will assist with introductions in a safe and secure environment.  If all goes according to plan, and everyone loves everyone else, your new family member will join you on the drive home!  All dogs and cats leave with an HUA goody bag, in which we will provide veterinary paperwork, a signed contract, food samples and one dose of heartworm preventative.  We will also take a photo of your new family to showcase your happy adoption day on our website.

An HUA adoption coordinator will stay in touch for the next few weeks, checking in to answer any questions you may have and to make sure your transition has gone as smoothly as possible.  We are always available for our wonderful adopters in the event of any issues that may arise in which help or advice is needed.  We remain friends forever.

It doesn't happen overnight!

The 3/3/3 rule is a general guideline for the adjustment period for a dog after adoption. Every dog is unique and will adjust differently.

Three Days...

…to decompress

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • May feel scared/unsure
  • Not comfortable enough to be “himself”
  • May not want to eat or drink
  • Shuts down and/or hides from people
  • Tests the boundaries

Three Weeks...

…to learn your routine

  • Starts settling in
  • Feels more comfortable
  • Realizes this may be “home”
  • Gets into a routine
  • Lets his guard down,  personality emerging
  • Behavior issues may begin to appear

Three Months...

…to feel “at home”

  • Feels completely comfortable in the home
  • Begins to build trust and a true bond
  • Gains a complete sense of security with family 
  • Becomes playful/initiates play
  • Understands expectations
  • Responds to love and affection openly