Meet Zwarte

Breed: Heinz 57
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 54
Birthday: July 20, 2017
Age: Adult, 6 years

About Zwarte

Zwarte was a stray in a small town in Texas. This poor dog was covered in cigarette burns. It is clear that he had been badly mistreated and abused. As a result Zwarte was wary of humans. He was never mean or snarly, he just needed slow and gentle interactions with humans so we could show him he was safe. He can still be bit timid with new people, but he loves and trusts his caregivers and he has learned how to have some fun. Zwarte is doing really well with his leash training and he is quite the gentleman during a car ride. We are not sure what breed he is other than he appears to be primarily Lab, but he has the most amazing ice blue eyes we have ever seen. He frequently sports a one ear up/one ear down look that is not only dashing but very cute. Zwarte will be so grateful to have a safe and loving home of his own. He deserves to know that nobody will ever hurt him again.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Kerrie Godding from Tarpon Springs, FL, sent him this message:

“Dear Zwarte, You have the most marvelous look – especially when you do that thing with your ears! I am happy to be your buddy especially starting on Betty White’s birthday!”

Zwarte sends hugs and kisses to Kerrie!

His buddy, Violet Weiss from Sarasota, FL, sent him this message:

“Artica (now Skye) was your Best Friend in the past, adopted by us through Heartland Animal Shelter in Illinois. Wishing you only the best. She eats our couch but its okay because she is too cute.”

Zwarte sends his love and gratitude to Violet and Artica!