Meet Varro

Breed: Dachshund
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 9
Birthday: January 3, 2018
Age: Adult, 6 years

About Varro

Varro was in another rescue shelter.  He was adopted out three times, and three times he was returned for behavior issues.  Varro can be very sweet, but it is only on his terms, and most of the time he is sour.  He adores the company of other dogs but people, not so much.  Varro is very happy to be here at HUA where he can live his fun life with very little expectations from the humans that love him unconditionally.  He is a toy tester extraordinaire.  He could get a job at a toy factory as a safety checker to determine how easily a toy can be ripped apart or desqueaked.  He loves nice weather days and occasional visits from the one human who he has let get a bit close to him.  Varro has found his forever home, here at HUA where he can determine how it is he wants to spend his days.