Meet Rex

Breed: Terrier Mix
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 22 lbs
Birthday: August 9, 2016
Age: Adult, 7 years

About Rex

Rex came to HUA in 2019 because his person was moving to a place that did not allow dogs.  We were told that he was temperamental and had issues with other dogs.  In addition, he had a tender spot on his neck since he was a puppy and would growl and snap if anyone went near it.  Rex had been a farm dog who was allowed free roam, so he really did not have an opportunity for bonding or socialization.  As a result, this little kid is very particular as to who he allows in his space.  He does not tolerate being touched or handled except for a very small circle of humans who he trusts, but even then he in now way welcomes it.  Rex would not be able to live happily in a normal family situation, but he loves it at HUA.  He wanders between the sunporch and the office knowing there are tasty tidbits being doled out to all the little dogs.  HUA is Rex’s home and we think he is happy to be here.