I'm going home!

Meet Oriole

Breed: Rat Terrier
Gender: female
Size: small
Weight: 9
Birthday: November 24, 2007
Age: Senior, 16 years

About Oriole

Oriole is a very special dog. She came to us from a puppy mill in Missouri that finally shut down due to lack of funds. For many years, HUA has taken dogs from this mill who either had no human interaction or violent human interaction. Oriole was practically feral when she arrived at the shelter. She was terrified beyond belief. We were not sure she would ever be able to forgive the human race for the monstrosities she had endured. To our shock and amazement, this beautiful girl has decided that she is going to make up for lost time. Because we allowed her some down time and distance after she arrived,  Oriole realized that we were not going to put boundaries on her happiness. She ADORES the other dogs and plays all day long. She is learning how totally fabulous soft beds and squeaky toys can be.  Oriole is nosey and always wants to know what we are up to, but she still shies away from our touch. She dares us to play chase and try to catch her, but she does not yet want to snuggle. She may never be a cuddly, clingy dog, but she will always be worthy of our admiration and respect. Oriole will be a wonderful companion for another dog who may be feeling lonely or bored, as she knows the heartache of being alone. She is brave, she is stoic, she is a survivor, and we love her.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Bonnie Faimon from Lincoln, NE, sent her this message:

“We hope to meet you soon.”

Oriole sends lots of love to Bonnie!

Her buddy, Michelle Richards from Omaha, NE, sent her this message:

“You’re such a brave dog! I’m proud of you and I hope you keep trusting humans and find your forever home soon!”

Oriole sends Michelle lots of love!

“You are such a cutie. You are in great hands. We hope and pray that you find a home soon. Chuck, Lyn, Jojo, Sarah, Abby, and Sugar.”

Oriole sends lots of love to Chuck, Lyn, and all the HUA alums!