Meet Morty

Breed: Heinz 57
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 47 lbs
Birthday: April 7, 2020
Age: Young, 3 years

About Morty

Morty and his friend Pickle were found running alongside a busy highway.  This dog is one funny animal.  We tried to guess his breed–the best we could come up with an overgrown, beefy Dachshund.   Morty is very friendly and super playful–every day is a great day for him.  He has quickly become a favorite of the caregivers because he is so cheerful all of the time, never having a care in the world.  This little piggy is gentle and dainty when meeting other dogs.  Morty needs for everyone to love him so he is sure to be polite until the initial sniffing period is over.  He loves attending playgroup, where he alternates being playing and observing.  We all wish we could know what he is thinking.  Overly rowdy dogs are not his type.  Morty prefers ladylike and gentlemanly.  He is certain to be a smash hit in his new home.

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