Meet Ivy H

Breed: Husky/Shepherd Mix
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 57 lbs
Birthday: November 10, 2020
Age: Young, 3 years

About Ivy H

Ivy was in a shelter in California when flooding caused overcrowding due to the need for family pets to have temporary spaces until it was time to return home.  Ivy and many of her friends came to HUA in order to alleviate the severe overcrowding.  This gorgeous girl is such a nice dog.  She is playful, friendly and outgoing.  Ivy lives with Napawleon, another California rescue, and she is very tolerant of his goofy antics.  She loves to play with him but she also isn’t afraid to correct him when his behavior gets to be a little “extra.”  Ivy knows her basic commands and is smart and attentive.  She is also nicely docile and even sits like a perfect angel during grooming and nail trimming.  She has met both male and female dogs and transitions nicely into new relationships.  Ivy is a well balanced and socialized girl who will make a lovely family pet.

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