Meet Gander

Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 40 lbs
Birthday: January 22, 2019
Age: Young, 5 years

About Gander

Gander was found at a local gym by a kind person.  This poor dog was extremely emaciated and he had scabby skin and an open wound.  We were horrified by Gander’s condition–he was so downtrodden and pathetic.  But, this is one brave and deserving dog, and Gander bounced back very quickly.  We were amazed by his loving and trusting disposition given whatever terrible things he had encountered in his past.  Gander is an all-around lovely dog now.  He is popular in Doggy Playgroup because he is so playful and nice to others, and he’s a superstar in his basic obedience classes.  We had to laugh while training him to use his doggy door because he was super stubborn about it but then we figured out his motives–Gander was thoroughly enjoying the extra treats and attention he received from frequent visitors who were determined to teach him to use his door.  This clever boy knew what he was doing all along.  Gander is greatly appreciative for the love and support he has received during his stay at HUA, and he is ready now to find a loving home of his own.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Kristin Sehmann from Ames, IA, sent him this message:

“You are such a cutie. I’d really like to have you but need to wait until I have 1 less dog. Best wishes Buddy! Kristin”

Gander sends Kristin lots of love!