Meet Denver

Breed: Beagle Mix
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 25 lbs
Birthday: March 6, 2018
Age: Young, 5 years

About Denver

In the middle of a blizzard our friends in rescue with Animal Rescue League of Iowa saved the lives of over 40 dogs who were in the midst of terrible suffering. They lived outdoors with only two dilapidated sheds
and a filthy camper for shelter. The dogs were freezing, sick and terrified. They had rotten teeth and their matted fur was crawling with fleas. Seven of these pathetic creatures came to HUA for physical and emotional recovery. Denver has come a long way in the time that he has spent at HUA, but he is still a bit shy and nervous. He does like the company of other dogs and looks to them for guidance and support. He trusts and loves his caregivers, but we think a home is where Denver will really shine. And that cute thing he does with his paw? It is not due to injury or pain. It is just a very adorable habit of Denver’s.

Becoming an HUA Buddy changes a life. For a monthly donation, you can befriend a dog or cat in need of some love and support until your fuzzy pal is adopted.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Misty Swanson from Minneapolis, MN, sent him this message:

“Hi Denver, my are you cute! I will look for you on my next visit. I love how you hold your paw up, I pray you get your very own home soon.”

Denver sends Misty lots of hugs and kisses!