I'm going home!

Meet Dale

Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 18 lbs
Birthday: October 27, 2012
Age: Senior, 11 years

About Dale

Dale and Charmin had a nice home, but their people became elderly and were no longer able to properly care for them.  Both of these little cuties are very sweet and loving.  They are social butterflies who are always happy to meet new people, and both Charmin and Dale get along beautifully with the other dogs.  We would love to see them go to their new home together, but they are not so terribly bonded that it is deemed necessary.  Together or alone, Dale and Charmin will make delightful little companions.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Roxanne Johnson from Eau Claire, WI, sent him this message:

“We are very happy Dale has a home at HUA where he can be safe, well taken care of and care free. Thank you for all you do with the many needy animals HUA!”

Dale sends Roxanne and her family happy wags of his little tail!