Meet Charlie

Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 14
Birthday: September 27, 2010
Age: Senior, 13 years

About Charlie

Many years ago Charlie became the victim of divorce. He wound up in a local pound, where there were no resources to care for him. Charlie came to HUA with an attitude like no other. He was so mad and so upset over losing his home that we wondered if he would ever forgive humans for doing such emotional damage to him. Over the years we have learned that Charlie is one of the funniest characters we have ever known. This clever fellow selectively chooses one person–and only one person–who he not only tolerates, but loves with such a force that it can be quite overwhelming. At the time of this writing, Charlie’s person is Grandma Carol. He spends all day long on her lap, spitting and hissing down at the other dogs as if he will attack wildly if they get any closer. On the floor, he is just fine. Charlie is so smart that he has learned to drink directly from a water bottle, climb onto the sunporch table, and perch on the back of an office chair. All of the humans know to leave him to his own devices, so he is essentially the boss of us. There is little chance that Charlie would be happy anywhere other than HUA, so he is a Sanctuary Sweetheart. All of the humans, other than Grandma Carol, adore him from afar.