Meet Buster Poo

Breed: Poodle
Gender: male
Size: tiny
Weight: 7 lbs
Birthday: June 14, 2011
Age: Senior, 13 years

About Buster Poo

Buster Poo is an adorable little guy with a big heart and joyful attitude.  He is a real heartbreaker.  At 13 years of age, he has lived in three homes and at HUA twice. These multiple placements were not the result of Buster’s behaviors.  The humans who adopted him had the best intentions of giving him a forever home, but sometimes unforeseen issues impact humans that render them unable to care for a pet.  This was the sad situation for Buster,  and still he continues to trust and love humans.  This sweet little poodle has a myriad of health problems that qualified him to become a Sanctuary Sweetheart. Buster has Uveitis and needs steroid drops every day.  His eye pressure is very low which is not a good sign of healthy eyes.  His gall bladder has “sludge.”  There is a large cyst on his liver but he is not a candidate for the surgery to remove it.  The vet believes he has had chronic pancreatitis for quite some time.  His bloodwork showed that he is in the early stages of liver failure.  Despite all of these issues, Buster Poo is spunky and affectionate.  He now lives in an HUA therapeutic foster home, and this home will be his forever.  He is happy, well cared for and loved beyond measure.