Meet Bree

Breed: Heinz 57
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 32
Birthday: March 20, 2020
Age: Young, 3 years

About Bree

Bree and her sisters Birdie and Billie were running the streets in a small town in Texas. They had not been socialized and had no idea how to act around humans, so their natural instinct was fear. They were even afraid of toys which was so sad to see.  Once they arrived at HUA these beautiful baby girls received all the love and attention they so desperately needed.  Birdie and Billie have been adopted, and Bree would also love to find her new family.  She has learned how to trust humans and she has made great strides with her training.  She now enjoys playing with toys and romping around like a happy pup.  Bree is a special little lady who needs to have a loving family to help her continue to grow and gain confidence. 

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Kathi Sharp from Council Bluffs, IA, sent her this message:

“I hope this helps, until you find your forever home!”

Bree sends Kathi hugs and kisses filled with gratitude!