Meet Apollo

Breed: Collie Mix
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 22 lbs
Birthday: October 12, 2018
Age: Young, 5 years

About Apollo

Apollo was transferred to HUA from another shelter because he was proving to be a difficult resident.  Apollo needed more attention and training and he would have opportunities for both at HUA.  He was a an angel when he was at HUA and was quickly adopted because he is a most adorable little dog.  We were so sad when he was brought back to the shelter because he was biting the humans in his home.  More observation and more training ensued, but we saw nothing but a sweetheart in this darling dog.  When he was adopted and again returned for the same bad behavior we knew that Apollo thought that HUA was his home and he had no intention of living elsewhere.  He has chosen his favorite caregivers and volunteers and he is quite content with his living arrangements.  Visitors always remark on his adorable face and the one ear up/one ear down thing he has going on and we agree that he is the cutest.  Apollo decided that he wants to live here and the humans are happy to fulfill his wishes.