Meet Alonso

Breed: Bully Mix
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 38 lbs
Birthday: March 25, 2016
Age: Adult, 8 years

About Alonso

Alonso was transferred to HUA from one of our Chicagoland shelter partners after being in their care for over a year. After trying three different adoptive homes, Alonso proved himself to be unadoptable due to unsafe and unruly behavior around friends and members of his family. Alonso had some big advocates who loved him at the shelter, and they knew he could have a happy future in a different environment. His free spirit needed a less traditional home, and HUA welcomed him with open arms–bad attitude and all.  Alonso is bossy, stubborn, and can be quite cantankerous around new people but he can also turn on some of his closest friends if the mood strikes. Despite these shortcomings, we love Alonso and we know him well enough to be able to provide him with the care he needs to live a quality life. Alonso found a home at HUA where he gets to be himself and we believe this is the best life for him. He is happy with his endless supply of old blankets and rugs to shred, a family of caretakers here to serve him, and volunteer friends who adore him and shower him with treats and love.