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Meet Ally Kate

Breed: Pointer/Terrier Mix
Gender: female
Size: large
Weight: 78 lbs
Birthday: November 12, 2018
Age: Young, 5 years

About Ally Kate

Ally Kate came from a high kill shelter in Texas.  She arrived at HUA heavily pregnant and soon gave birth to eleven bouncing babies.  She was, quite simply, the most wonderful mama we had ever seen.  Soon after her puppies had all gone to their new homes, Ally Kate was adopted.  Photos of her riding to her new house showed huge grins of pure joy.  Sadly, Ally Kate was brought back to HUA when her parents’ living situation changed, and the dear girl was home alone for long stretches every day.  Never had we seen a more dejected dog than Ally Kate on the day she was returned.  Our hearts were broken for this sweet, dear dog whom we loved so fiercely.  In true Ally Kate form, however, she found the sunshine in those dark days and decided she would be happy wherever she was, as long as she was safe and loved.  Ally is everything that is wonderful in the world–she is a full-on, very large lap dog, she loves cuddling everyone and everything, she adores soft blankets and a warm bed, and frequently flops onto her back for belly rubs.  She is kennel-trained according to the people with whom she lived, but we do not kennel the dogs at HUA.  Rather, she shares an apartment happily with her roommate, and takes advantage of the indoor-outdoor access door for potty time.  Every morning, caregivers are greeted with that same lovely grin and the cutest little tippy-tapping as she gets ready to enjoy the day.  Everyone loves Ally Kate.  She makes it impossible not to.  We think she is the most amazing girl in the world.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Rosemary Eastwood from Lincoln, NE, sent her this message:

“Hi Sweetie! So happy you are getting the love you deserve at HUA right now! Hope you find a loving home soon💕

Ally Kate sends hugs and kisses to Rosemary!