I'm going home!

Meet Alexis

Breed: Heinz 57
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 38 lbs
Birthday: February 6, 2020
Age: Young, 4 years

About Alexis

Alexis was found by local Animal Control and never claimed by anyone. We don’t understand it. This beautiful girl is just wonderful. She is super sweet to everyone she meets and gets along very nicely with the other dogs. She loves outdoors time, treats, belly rubs and her toys. This athletic pup is very smart and she has learned all of her basic commands, which she performs dutifully when asked. She is a fine lady, after all, and she knows manners are important. Alexis will be wildly happy when she finds her new family. She has stored up lots of love for just that moment.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Misty Swanson from Minneapolis, MN, sent her this message:

“Alexis you are so cute, can’t wait to play with you when I visit next. But more so, I hope someone adopts you soon and you get your own family.”

Alexis sends Misty lots of hugs and kisses!