Meet Ace

Breed: Shiba Inu
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 30 lbs
Birthday: August 25, 2012
Age: Senior, 11 years

About Ace

Ace came to HUA in 2018.  From the very beginning of his life it was clear that there was something amiss.  He became aggressive even as a young puppy and was brought to rescue by the family.  The people in that rescue discovered that Ace was completely intolerant of humans.  His one mission was to attack.  He terrorized his foster person and was eventually sent to a boarding facility for specialized training.  In short, everything humanly possible had been done to help Ace acclimate to a more peaceful life, but he was not having any of it and he eventually came to HUA.  When he arrived,  Ace could not and would not be touched without lashing out in fury. His resource guarding with food was like something we had never seen.  Over time, Ace learned his routine at HUA and with structure and expectations, his guarding has greatly diminished.  It still rears its ugly head now and again, but Ace and his caregivers have come to an understanding–they won’t take his food away and he will not lash out at them.  Ace has learned to tolerate a muzzle for grooming and vet visits, making it easier for humans to give him the care he needs.  Ace feels safe at HUA and he cherishes a life of routine.  He has a wonderfully cozy dog bed, piled high with stuffed animals and he loves walks on his leash.  For the people he knows and trust he will perform adorable tricks–he howls and sings, and does funny little dances when his favorite friends visit. We may not be able to pet Ace or rub his belly, but this Sanctuary Sweetheart knows we love him just the same.