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Turner was rescued from one of the most horrible puppy mills in Iowa. The conditions were beyond shocking, even for those used to seeing the most horrific puppy mills. Turner was beaten repeatedly with a shovel. His back is permanently deformed and hunched up from the abuse. He is also blind. Because of the abuse he suffered he is completely terrified of humans. His heart races and he goes into extreme panic mode when any human is near. He has to be sedated for even routine veterinary examinations. The good news for Turner is that he has found a pal, a very best friend to help calm his fears and make his days happy and content. Rascal Pug is Turner's roommate and very best buddy in the world. Rascal knows too what it is like to be abused at a puppy mill. He is also very afraid of people, having been swung around in the air by the scruff of the neck while he screamed for his life at the puppy mill that he came from. While these two are both very afraid of humans, their bond with each other makes their lives happy and complete. They get to live life on their own terms at Hearts United for Animals, being given the space they need to finally know peace in their hearts. They snuggle together in their warm blankets and when humans come near Rascal is on alert to protect his pal Turner. He is Turner's seeing eye dog, big brother and best friend.
17 lbs