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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Fremont, NE!

At only six months of age this poor baby was living in a noisy, overcrowded shelter in Texas. When Sal arrived at the HUA shelter what we found was a terribly frightened little boy who had no inclination to trust humans. His time in the kill shelter had been very scary and Sal saw no reason to think his life would get any better. As a result, he is fearful of just about anything other than tasty treats and his warm. cozy bed. He has gotten to the point that he will allow some scratches on his bum but that is about as much contact as Sal wants. It is heartbreaking to see a tiny puppy behave in such a way. We know Sal needs a family of his own to help him gain confidence and happiness. We hope to hear reports of a sassy and silly Chihuahua puppy after he has gone home.
Homeward Bound
6 lbs