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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Elkhorn, NE!

Rumple and two of his friends were living in a less than ideal situation for them. They were well loved but their human knew they needed more than she could give them. These pups were a little bit shy when they arrived at HUA, but the shyness quickly turned into wonder over the big fields, fun toys and swimming pools. They are such great pups. Rumple is a laid back kinda guy. He lets others take the lead and Rumple is just along for the ride. One of his favorite activities is the performing the cutest belly crawl in the world. He is very proud of himself for mastering that good trick that illicits laughs from the humans. Rumple is wonderful with the other dogs and walks very nicely on his leash. He is a sweet and well-behaved gentleman who promises to be an awesome new member of his family.
Homeward Bound
30 lbs