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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

Early one morning, staff members arriving for their shifts found a small airline carrier sitting on the stoop in front of the shelter. In it there were three small Chihuahuas, huddled tightly together and looking positively terrified. They had been left there in the night. As surprising as it was to see these new residents, caregivers quickly got busy soothing these little cuties and setting up a comfortable playpen with blankets, food and water. We think Queta is the mother of Chiquita. She is responsible, mild-mannered and sweet. She loves playing in the yards and watches little Chiquita with a proud smile and occasional eye roll. She gives sweet kisses to her caregiver and we can tell she is grateful to be at the shelter where she is receiving superior care. A home of her own is on the top of Queta's list and she sure is looking forward to warming a lap or two.
Homeward Bound
13 lbs