Lucky BT

HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Colorado Springs, CO!

Six-year-old Boston Terrier Lucky and his seven-year-old pal Floppy were recently rescued from a breeding operation. They had lived outdoors for their entire lives. Thankfully, the breeder had been fairly diligent about providing vaccinations and medical care, so these sweet kiddos were in mostly decent shape when they arrived at HUA. This was a nice surprise for the humans who had expected the worst. Lucky is a funny boy. He loves being outdoors and has already made some great strides with his potty manners. He quickly figured out that just outside of the doggy door are good things like soft grass and sticks for chasing. Lucky very much wants human contact but he is still a little unsure of it all. He is getting more confident, and he will approach for a pat before skittering back outside for some more exploration. Lucky does well with the other dogs but he and office cat Vigo are not very good friends.
Homeward Bound
I need a buddy!
15 lbs