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Buddy Messages (2)
Her buddies, Mr. Kitty and the Bogiani family from Littleton, CO, sent her this message:

"Hello Siam,

After 17 1/2 years on this earth, our beloved cat, Mr. Kitty, passed away on Sept. 1st. He also suffered abuse in the past and was slow to warm up and a bit feisty, too ;) He is cheering you on from heaven as he knows that you will make a great family cat for a deserving household. You are very special and your trust needs to be earned. Know that you are loved and worth everything and more!

Stay strong,
Lots of love,
Mr. Kitty & Bogiani Family"

Siam sends many thanks to her buddies for their support and understanding!
Siam's buddy, Molly Williams from Santa Monica, California, sent her this message:

"Hi Siam, Scully (Jack/chi), Shanti, Arwen and Sadie (best cat friends with Scully) will be your buddies. Mom understands Siamese kitties need special attention and love. She misses her buddy Maat who passed away in Nov 2014. We hope you will find your forever home soon."

Siam is very grateful to have finally found someone who understands her, and did not growl when she got Molly's message. That's progress! Thank you, Scully, Shanti, Arwen and Sadie!