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Eli was hit by a car at age five months. The people who had him at the time did not get him the proper medical care, and as a result he now has a wonky back leg. We took him to Iowa State for imaging but sadly, Eli's injury is too old to correct surgically. Since it causes him no pain the decision was made to leave Eli as he is, an adorable Ratty/Chi mix with a kickstand. A further complication from Eli's accident was that it rendered him somewhat incontinent, the poor thing. Nonetheless, Eli is precious. He is a tiny little thing with the cutest face and enormous ears. He is a very sweet boy who loves human cuddles and the other little dogs. Eli enjoys sunning himself outside on warm days, and snuggling under blankets when it's chilly. He is very excited to know that he will soon have a new family to call his own.
Rat Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
7 lbs