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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

This big, beautiful boy was spending his life chained to a tree. Deeming this terrible situation an emergency, friends in rescue took custody of Gustav without having anywhere for him to go. They just knew this gorgeous dog could not spend one more second living in such pathetic circumstances. Because most animal foster homes are run by giant-hearted people who usually have a plethora of animals, Gustav could not go into foster care because he apparently thinks cats are delicious. We were overjoyed to welcome Gustav to HUA, where he has had a ton of fun. He is a wonderful, huge lug of a goof. He loves every human in the world and enjoys the company of dogs smaller than he is. He does great walking on his leash, loves exploring the big yards and thoroughly enjoys pets and hugs. Gustav is enormously grateful to all of the kind people that saved him from the terribly lonely existence of his previously life. He is now one very happy boy.
Homeward Bound
86 lbs