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Shiloh lived with a retired couple and was an beloved member of the family. However, the people were encountering some health problems and were not able to keep up with a 150 pound puppy. Shiloh IS still a puppy and that makes him loads of fun. It also makes him full of energy and needing lots and lots of exercise. Volunteers are in the process of leash training this adorable big lug and he is making progress. Shiloh is a very good, very smart boy. He is also super friendly and loving to all of the new humans who admire him so. He was not used to car rides when he arrived at HUA but he caught onto that fun activity and now sits in the rear seat like a proud passenger. Shiloh loves his toys and zips about the big yards with glee. This giant lovebug will need some additional training and lots of attention to help him become the best-behaved boy he can be. Because of his size Shiloh should not go to a home with very young children and he will need a nice big yard that will allow him the freedom to run and explore.
Great Dane
150 lbs