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Buddy Messages (3)
His buddy, Leah Hanzlicek from Olsburg, KS, sent him this message:

"Hi Rickey! I am glad HUA allows multiple buddies! You remind me of my little grey-faced boy that I was so fortunate to enjoy throughout his golden years! Did you know there are such great things available to you when you reach your senior years, like ramps to help you onto your favorite bed and super comfy gripper socks and diapers from dogquality.com? I cherish the time I had with my boy through his 17th birthday!"

Rickey sends his love and gratitude to Leah!
His buddy, Kathi Sharpe from Council Bluffs, NE, sent him this message:

"Hi, I'm your new buddy. Have your caregivers let me know if you need more squeaky toys. Kathi"

Rickey sends hugs and kisses to his buddy Kathi!
His buddy, Carol Walley from Gales Ferry, CT, sent him this message:

"Rickey, you certainly are a prince! Enjoy your days romping with the other little HUA pups because I just know your palace home is out there with someone looking to complete their family! Smooches and tummy rubs!"

Rickey is super happy to have such a wonderful buddy and sends Carol hugs and kisses and happy wags!