Hyatt was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill where he spent the first ten years of his life. It was a life of unimaginable misery and heart ache for him. He has come quite a ways in his progress at HUA. He loves his good nutritious food that has helped him gain a tad more weight that he probably should have - but how could we say no to anything his sweet little heart desires? He likes running around with his dog friends at recess and cuddling in piles of soft blankets. These things may sound small, but they are things he was sadly deprived of for ten years. He is still a little bit shy but every day he is getting more and more brave. He is starting to approach his favorite caretakers for pats on the head, which is a major milestone for our dear Hyatt. We know he loves life at HUA, and he would not even believe his good fortune if he were to know life in a home for his final years...the life he always should have had, one nearly robbed entirely by the rotten puppy mill that imprisoned him for a decade.
9 lbs