I'm going home!

Meet Weezel

Breed: Rat Terrier
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 17 lbs
Birthday: December 10, 2017
Age: Adult, 6 years

About Weezel

Weezel came to HUA from animal control.  His humans had dropped him off there because, apparently, he “does not like to be told ‘no’.”  We find that lots of dogs don’t like to “be told no,” but, of course, if a command is delivered properly with a reward for GOOD behavior, it is easy for everyone to be happy.  We think Weezel is a whole lot of fun.  He is energetic and silly.  He has attended playgroup and he does better every time–he used to bound in like he was going to run the place, but he has learned that he, in fact, does not.  Weezel is very smart, and what he really wants is attention and direction.  He is a highly trainable little guy.  He would respond well in a home with people who understand that Weezel needs a pack leader of the human variety.  He would love a special job to do to make him feel like and important and cherished family member.  We think he’ll bring lots of entertainment to his new home.

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