Meet Wandy

Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Gender: female
Size: large
Weight: 76 lbs
Birthday: April 1, 2016
Age: Adult, 8 years

About Wandy

Wandy was part of a large puppy mill rescue some years ago.  She was adopted into a loving home, but she showed signs of severe separation anxiety when her person went to work.   It was so terrible for Wandy that it caused gastric issues.  She used to be extremely shy and disconnected from people, but she has really come far.  She is still a bit nervous when meeting new people but she loves her caregivers and longs for attention.  Wandy is amazing with other dogs and she is often used as a Helper Dog because she has such a calming presence around others.  She is a dream on her leash and taking long walks makes her very happy.  This gorgeous girl needs a home where people are home the majority of time and a fenced in yard to keep her safe.  Another dog in the home would be an ideal situation for Wandy.

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