Meet Vigo

Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 12
Birthday: March 16, 2008
Age: Senior, 15 years

About Vigo

This beautiful creature was in a home a long time ago, but his owners decided to abandon him at a vet clinic because they no longer wanted a cat. Vigo was heartbroken and confused. He was a sensitive guy and it took some convincing before he would allow us to love him. Vigo has been at the HUA shelter for many years now and it is where he is happy. He is our cherished Office Cat, but Vigo thinks he is a dog.   He sits on the reception counter and knocks things like pens and papers off for the dogs to play with. He will not use the cat litter box–dogs don’t so he won’t. Vigo recently “babysat” two litters of tiny Chihuahua puppies because they were camping out in his room.  Although the mother dogs told him to get lost, Vigo behaved very nicely and was happy to share his space.  This cat is royalty to us and he knows it.  As a Sanctuary Sweetheart, Vigo will be at HUA forever in this wonderful place that he has made his beloved home.