Meet Tuffy

Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 35
Birthday: September 3, 2010
Age: Senior, 13 years

About Tuffy

Many years ago Tuffy lost his home, which made him a sad boy. When he first arrived at the shelter Tuffy took his grief out on female caregivers. Nobody really knew why because he loved male caregivers with all of his heart and was a happy, playful boy around them. Over time, Tuffy would become comfortable with some female humans, but not everyone, and he remains unpredictable. Despite not having found a new home of his own, Tuffy is happy and fulfilled at HUA. He loves zooming about in the big fields with his toys and keeps his space super clean. He is overcome with joy when his favorite volunteers visit him and promptly flips on his back in anticipation of some awesome belly rubs. Hearts United for Animals is Tuffy’s home. He loves the humans that he knows and we love him right back. He feels safe and comfortable in his familiar surroundings, with his fun toys and favorite people.