Meet Totsi

Breed: Schnauzer
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 15 lbs
Birthday: December 6, 2002
Age: Senior, 21 years

About Totsi

Totsi came to us in 2009.  She had been abused in a puppy mill and she made it known off the bat that the humans were not to talk to her, look at her, approach her or dare to touch her.  She lived in our Central Care room for many years, existing peacefully among the other dogs and tolerating the presence of caregivers and volunteers, but Totsi did not wish to engage.  Now that she has reached the dignified age of 21, Totsi has agreed that it is time for her to mingle a bit more.  She now resides in the sunporch and she is perfectly happy with these arrangements.  She’s a sneaky little one so she waits to play with her friends until the humans aren’t’ paying attention.  At nighttime she starts some shenanigans with her pal Paddington.  During the day she prances around with Rex, who is rather naughty.  The other dogs’ antics amuse Totsi, and the tasty treats during lunchtime make her happy.  We love Totsi ferociously.  She is our girl, our little lady, our queen.  Totsi never wanted to try to become a part of a normal family.  She claimed us as her family long ago, and that is her prerogative and our honor.