Meet Templeton

Breed: Grey Tabby
Gender: female
Size: tiny
Weight: 6 lbs
Birthday: May 1, 2023
Age: Kitten, less than 1 year

About Templeton

Templeton came to HUA at only two weeks of age.  She was tiny and helpless and she needed to be bottle fed, so her caregiver took her home to foster her.  Templeton is the funniest little cat – she is active, curious, playful and loving. Her best friend is a three pound Chihuahua and the adorable pair plays together constantly.  This silly kitten is also a thief.  Templeton will steal anything she can get her paws on (ponytail holders, straws, you name it) and runs off with her chosen items that become her favorite toys.  Temp’s new family members are will have the times of their lives with this feisty baby cat.

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