Meet Smudge

Breed: Labrador Mix
Gender: male
Size: large
Weight: 65 lbs
Birthday: March 26, 2019
Age: Young, 5 years

About Smudge

Smudge and another  dog wandered onto the property of a kind person in a small town.  The person thought they was such a delight that he set his mind to finding their owner.  He did, and the owner did not want the dogs back because of a human health problem.  Apparently, someone from the home was supposed to have brought them to HUA, but decided to dump them  instead.  Smudge is one of the most fun dogs we have ever known.  His main goal in life is to play and play and play.  A visit to obedience class was a strange event–Smudge tried to turn it into playgroup and when that didn’t work, he refused to learn.  However, we discovered that Smudge already knows all the tricks but he was holding out for a tastier treat than was originally offered.  Now that we figured that out Smudge throws down the “sits,” “downs,” “paws” (both left and right) like there is no tomorrow.  Smudge is a doggy playgroup regular and he has visited his caregiver’s house and played with the dogs living there.  He does not yet have a roommate at HUA because we are trying to get him to overcome his barrier reactivity issues, but he does not need to be the only dog in his home.

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