I'm going home!

Meet Shoo

Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 50 lbs
Birthday: October 1, 2012
Age: Senior, 11 years

About Shoo

This beautiful Aussie was born and raised in a disgusting puppy mill. The dear girl was shy when she arrived, uncertain as to this new situation. Shoo quickly learned that green grass and loving humans are just wonderful. She loves the fields and the glorious sunshine. Shoo is very sweet and also slow-paced for an Australian Shepherd, which is really nice. She will be thrilled to have her own family for the first time in her life. Shoo deserves the best of everything after the horrors of living in a puppy mill.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Michelle Jarosz from Adams, NE, sent her this message:

“I live Austrian Shepherds and Shoo is just gorgeous!! I hope she finds her forever home soon!!”

Shoo sends happy wags to Michelle!

Her buddies in the Quinlivan family from Hill City, SD, sent her this message:

“Lucky would like to have Shoo come to the HIlls for a romp in the big yard, some snuffling along the creek and then a quiet time on the couch with a carrot treat. (For Lucky to share a carrot treat would be a big deal, he loves his carrots.)”

Shoo says she would love to romp, snuffle and snack with Lucky!