Meet Seeker

Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 10
Birthday: July 7, 2011
Age: Senior, 12 years

About Seeker

What to say about this little toot is that he is practically perfect, and way smarter than the average bear. He is an agility star who has had more fun at classes and meets than any other dog around. Seeker is the most loving little critter – every human is his best pal, and he gets along nicely with small dogs, big dogs, and kitties. Seeker is always the happiest guy in the room, warming laps, making new friends, endlessly bestowing hugs and kisses. When he accidentally got in the way of a much bigger dog running and playing, an eye injury had us terribly worried. As a result, Seeker now has only one eye but that doesn’t bother him one bit. It actually makes for an adorable little wink. Seeker lived almost his entire life at the HUA shelter, but in time he fell in love with a person who wanted to make hers his therapeutic foster home.  The cat didn’t like it one bit at first, but he and Seeker have become good friends and he is a very happy boy in his home.