I'm going home!

Meet Saybrook H

Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Gender: female
Size: large
Weight: 80 lbs
Birthday: November 18, 2017
Age: Adult, 6 years

About Saybrook H

Saybrook was in a shelter in California when flooding had severe impacts on the area.  Dogs already in shelters had to be moved out to make room for newly displaced dogs who may have had families searching for them.  Saybrook is drop-dead gorgeous and she is as smart as she is beautiful.  She is extremely people-oriented and already knows her basic commands.  She showed her skills off in Obedience School despite having no interest in the tasty treats that were offered to her.  Saybrook is is driven purely by her need for praise and affection.   She was not a big star at the end of her leash at first, but she drops her guard in playgroup where she is able to meet and freely interact with the other dogs.  Elijah, another CA alum, had her playing like a puppy within minutes.  Saybrook loves her big, comfy bed and her stuffed doggy toys–she does not ever chew on them.  Rather, she tosses them in the air and dances around with them then cuddles up next to them.  She is one delightful dog.

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