Meet Rosella

Breed: Great Danoodle
Gender: female
Size: large
Weight: 85 lbs
Birthday: May 19, 2021
Age: Young, 3 years

About Rosella

Rosella lived in a home with too many other dogs, which overwhelmed her.  She and another female in particular did not see eye to eye on things so Rosella came to HUA. She is a beautiful, unique looking and entertaining dog.  She has gained a lot of confidence since she has come to the shelter, and her silly nature has begun to emerge.  Her caregivers have been working on leash training her with a front click, which at first was more like walking a gangly colt, but she loves taking walks.  Rosella is quite a sight to see when she is galloping through the yard chasing her toys.  She can be a bit picky about choosing a doggy friend but when she finds one she likes it’s all fun and games.  She and her current roommate have tons of fun playing and romping around in their yard.  Because of Rosella’s size (she is half Great Dane after all!) she would like a nice fenced-in yard in her new home.

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