I'm going home!

Meet Rooney

Breed: Terrier Mix
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 15 lbs
Birthday: October 3, 2019
Age: Young, 4 years

About Rooney

Rooney was in a terrible hoarding situation and was only removed when the person passed away.  He was so starved for affection and attention that he is making up for lost time.  All he wants is to be close to people and it is just the sweetest thing.  First thing in the morning he is bounding up to caregivers, begging to be picked up for kisses and cuddles.  He is so thrilled to be with humans that he performs a most precious tippy-tappy dance to show his adoration.  Rooney loves playgroup and is a really nice friend to the other dogs.  He is well-mannered and friendly, but what he is really looking for is, of course, a comfy lap.  This smart little guy loves his treats so it’s been a breeze teaching his basic commands.  We think  Rooney is as charming as they come.

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