I'm going home!

Meet Reese

Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 30 lbs
Birthday: January 13, 2015
Age: Adult, 9 years

About Reese

Reese is the victim of irresponsible breeder.  She was never properly socialized, only used to turn a profit by churning out puppies.  She was terrified of humans when she arrived at HUA.  She was so shut down emotionally that we knew we had a long road ahead with her.  What is helping Reese to change course is the gentle interaction with one human at a time and attendance at Doggy Playgroup.  Even when she is scared and unsure, we see a gentleness in Reese that is powerful.  She would not hurt a fly.  Reese just needs time, patience and acceptance.  A quiet home with another dog would be the perfect situation for her.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Kathi Logan from Papillion, NE, sent her this message:

Hi Reese! I adopted a Aussie that was (probably) rescued by the same deplorable puppy mill you came from. Quinn is so so sweet too and trusting me took a long time. Quinn and I hope you find a loving forever home! You’re adorable!❤Kathi and Quinn

Reese sends hugs and kisses to her buddies!