Meet Redwood

Breed: Coonhound
Gender: male
Size: large
Weight: 65 lbs
Birthday: November 2, 2016
Age: Adult, 7 years

About Redwood

Redwood was found with his two girlfriends running the HUA property one Sunday morning.  These nutty hound dogs had a most wonderful time playing chase with the caregivers for over three hours.  Redwood is super outgoing and friendly and he loves walking on his leash, so we’re surprised that he wasn’t easier to capture.  He was just really enjoying the game.  He has settled into a Villa now with another Coonhound and true to his nature, he is loud and proud.  Redwood’s favorite time of the day is mealtime and he sure does hone in the humans who are preparing breakfast.  When he is not chowing down, Redwood is a goofy clown who plays and howls and makes everyone laugh.  He is one entertaining boy.

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