Meet Puka

Breed: Lhasa Apso
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 20 lbs
Birthday: September 12, 2019
Age: Young, 4 years

About Puka

Puka and Squire came from a home.  The person had become unable to care for himself and the dogs.  They were in desperate need of grooming and Squire needs an operation to fix a cherry eye, but nonetheless both of these darling dogs are precious.  Puka is a true “velcro dog.”  He loves people so much and just wants love and attention.  If he is not getting the affection that he wants he rubs up against the humans’ legs like a purring cat.  Puka does great during grooming which is a good thing since he needed it so badly when he arrived.  He likes other dogs just fine, but it’s the people who have his whole heart.

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