Meet Prince

Breed: Dogo Argentino
Gender: male
Size: large
Weight: 90
Birthday: May 22, 2017
Age: Adult, 6 years

About Prince

Prince was found out in the country in rising flood waters. We were very relieved to have found him before he could come to any harm. As a Dogo Argentino, he is a lovable gentle giant. He loves to play, cherishes his treats and going for long walks. Prince is DEAF. He has been working on his hand signals.He is leash trained and is grasping the hand signals with enthusiasm. Prince needs a strong caregiver that is not intimidated by his size but can give gentle direction and further work with him on his hand signals. He is currently working on making eye contact with his caregiver for instructions. He knows “Sit”, “No bark” and “No” with hand signals currently. Prince needs a person who has experience training larger dogs, and can train in a firm, confident, consistent and loving manner. He cannot go to a home with another dog as Prince can be reactive in stressful situations.

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Buddy Message:

His buddies, Molly and Otis Murtaugh from Omaha, NE, sent him this message:

“Molly and Otis, both HUA alums, wish Prince a quick and happy journey to finding your forever home. Until then you are amazing, hang in there!”

Prince sends his love and gratitude to Molly and Otis!

His buddy, Mary Kay Catanzaro from Wauconda, IL, sent him this message:

“Nestle, Candy and their human, Mary Kay, hope you have a great time at HUA while waiting for your forever home!”

Prince sends Mary Kay, Nestle and Candy lots of big hugs and kisses!