Meet Pickle

Breed: Terrier Mix
Gender: female
Size: small
Weight: 15 lbs
Birthday: March 1, 2022
Age: Young, 1 years

About Pickle

Pickle and her buddy Morty were found running along a busy highway.  This darling little girl is just adorable.  She is a happy-go-lucky, friendly, playful, silly one who adores her squeaky toys and fetching balls.  She is so sweet with all people and the other dogs think she is the cat’s meow.   Pickle loves riding around the HUA campus in her caregiver’s passenger seat, always up for a fun adventure.  Her happy place is any place that she can be with her friends, both of the human and doggy variety.  We think Pickle makes every day a bright one.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddies from the Mohr family in Albuquerque, NM, sent her this message:

“You’re in our thoughts and prayers. It just gets better from here…just ask Cocoa, Jellybean and Abby Poodle! All our love, The Mohr family”

Pickle sends the Mohrs lots of hugs and kisses!