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Meet Pickle

Breed: Beagle/Lab Mix
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 45 lbs
Birthday: August 20, 2015
Age: Adult, 8 years

About Pickle

Pickle was in our Tia’s Place program due to severe circumstances surrounding his person, and when his person came to a place of understanding that she would not be able to find a safe place for Pickle to stay, she asked us to place him up for adoption.   On a scale of one to ten, Pickle is a TEN. He is extremely well-mannered, walks like a dream on his leash and is a hard core cuddler.  Pickle’s hugs are the best–he snuggles his hear under a human’s chin and leans gently in to get as close as possible.  He recently attended an event at the local college and he sat pristinely on his caregiver’s lap, accepting treats from everyone who offered them. Pickle has absolutely stolen all of hearts and we love him very much.  This dear, sweet boy was raised with two smaller dogs and he is fine with other dogs.  Usually, he gets the smells and doggy greetings over with so he can search out a human for a hug.  Pickles will make a most amazing family dog for people looking for an affectionate lovebug.

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