Meet Petra

Breed: Tortie
Gender: female
Size: tiny
Weight: 7 lbs
Birthday: July 19, 2023
Age: Kitten, less than 1 year

About Petra

Petra came to the HUA shelter because the person who had her was not able to take care of her.  She is a very social girl who is the first to come out of hiding when the humans walk into to the cat room.   Her howls for attention have become rather infamous with the caregivers and visitors as Petra has a very loud mouth.  A person must pet Petra and must do it now.   Expect to be stalked if you do not comply.  Her number one favorite toys are, of course, noisy crinkle balls. She is tuned in to the sound of lickable treats and rubs any legs associated with it.  This little kitten is as fun loving and entertainment as could be. 

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